Young Adult Edition: Music, books and bookish playlists with guest star, Alicia Gaile, and hosts K.M. Robinson and Elle Beaumont

Join us on the rebroadcast as we chat about our favorite music to write to, what makes a good playlist and why music is important in books.



Here are some book releases for April:


Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 1.27.54 PM


Caught In The Ripples by S McPherson

Love Songs & Other Lies by Jessica Pennington

August and Everything After by Jessica Salvato Doktorski

Spies, Lies, and Allies by Lisa Brown Roberts

Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian

The Oddling Prince by Nancy Springer

Royals by Rachel Hawkins

Ship It by Britta Lundin


Crescent Sea Publishing

is currently seeking out Cinderella Retelling submissions! They’re looking for YOUNG ADULT stories between 7k-30k and the deadline is June 8th, for more information please visit THIS SITE.



image1If you watched the show you know that I compile playlists frequently, and if you ask nicely I maaaay just curate one for one of my characters in either BINDINGS OF THE SEA or BROTHERHOOD OF THE SEA. Drop a comment below or hit me up on my social media!







Here are some playlists that I have compiled in the past:

ACASsoundtrackUntitled 9lucasplaylisttaosplaylistthebearandnightingalelist



And if you were paying attention to the broadcast, I said I’d see if I could find some old teen poems I wrote…. Oh gosh, here we go! -blush-


Ye, and there we were, wordless,
Melting into the twilight,
Our eyes burning with desire.
With songs of unspoken words,
Ringing in our ears.

Your lips, soft satin,
Perfumed with your scent.
My sweetest secret love,
Let me rest within your heart.
I’ll wrap you in my wings o’ silver,
And fade into the crystal sky.
For you are my rose, and it’s about time to fly.

~ The Rose, Elle Beaumont, 2005


Silent tears resting upon the petals,
The sun tastes of hope..
Hearken to the fear-stricken heart,
For the dusty dragon prays upon the truth.
Empty the cup of sweetness,
Into the air of truth.
Drink the passion dearly,
For castles in the distance droop.
Steal a dream of ambition,
Lift your praise to the sun,
Caress the gentle wings of days,
And bountiful seeds of love.
Pull your thoughts from the river,
And speak the unspoken.
For a word in the twilight,
Is like a feather to the cheek,
A bee buzzing ‘cross the eyes.
Lips..e’er wishing for the harp of rest.
Welcome to the incoherent Winter..

~Incoherent Winter, Elle Beaumont, 2005



Until next time, keep smiling and happy reading!

~Elle B.


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