Open Submission for Cinderella Anthology!

Cinderella is one of the most retold stories ever, which means we’re not just looking for any old Cinderella story.

We want your most unique, most twisted, most never-before-seen versions of this classic tale. Think fantasy, sci fi, contemporary, etc.

Our readers have been there and seen that, so our goal is to make this the most unique compilation of Cinderella stories out there.

The more unique you can make your story, the better, because no two stories in this collection will be “too similar.” Only ten will be selected.

Please remember, while you are writing, stay away from anything that is too close to infringing on Disney copyright.

Word Count: 7,000-30,000 words

(Preference given to longer stories)

Submission Date: June 8, 2018

Publishing Date: Aug 2018


For more information please visit – you can find information regarding what will be provided and expected from you there.


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