Book Unboxing: Of The Deep Mermaid Anthology

My first unboxing as a debut author. I have two short stories featured in this anthology and I can’t wait to continue their stories. Oops, did I let something out… Ohh, I did, didn’t I? You heard it right… I’ll be continuing the stories featured in here. 😉



Two short stories of mine are featured in this:

Brotherhood of The Sea: Kriegen and his younger brother are tasked with protecting what belongs to their people and failure is not an option. But when lines are crossed, treaties are broken, one brother is willing to do more to save his Kingdom.

Bindings of The Sea: Zinnia is a young sea-witch and has been studying for the Trial, but when a centuries-old secret rises from the deep, Selith is once again put in danger. It is up to the local coven, and an outcast Merman to bind the secret back into the crevice, but what comes of buried secrets?



What am I doing next? Ohh, I believe I hinted at it or outright said it in the video, but in case you missed it…

Crescent Sea Publishing

is currently seeking out Villain Retelling submissions! They’re looking for YOUNG ADULT stories between 7k-30k and the deadline is July 8th, for more information please visit >>>THIS SITE<<<

Villain Anthology.jpeg


I will be partaking in this, and I can’t wait for this story to be out there!


Thanks for watching and stay tuned…

~Elle B.


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