Happy Release Day Blood From A Stone!

Today Blood From A Stone Twisted Villains Anthology releases and I cannot be more excited!

Hunter’s Truce is my novella inside of the anthology, and it tells that tale of how The Three Little Pigs were not so innocent… and the Big Bad Wolf didn’t start off as a villain, he was in fact on a mission to change his kingdom and help his species.


Niklaus von Brandt is such an interesting character—I adore him. I will say that this is not the last you’ll see of him or some of the beloved cast members.


What do you think of the cover? 😉


I can’t wait to continue his story, but here’s a little more about the anthology!







Blood From A Stone features 8 stories by 8 authors! All telling the tale of how history twisted the stories you know so well!

Shattered Snow by J.M. Sullivan – Snow White’s Evil Queen

Spun Gold by Christis Christie – Rumpelstiltskin

Tales of A Sea Witch by Lou Wilham – Little Mermaid’s Sea Witch

The Boy Who Cried by Helen Vivienne Fletcher – The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Becoming The Wolf by Jessica Julien – The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Sugarcoated by K.M. Robinson – Hansel & Gretel’s Witch

The Darkest Moonside by Jalessa Bettis – Swan Lake

Hunter’s Truce by Elle Beaumont – Three Little Pigs Big Bad Wolf


You can grab your ebook copy for only .99 >>>HERE<<< and the paperback is available now, too.


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