Character Costumes: Happy Halloween!

Hello there! Happy Halloween from yours truly.

I just wanted to wish you a safe and happy evening of festivities. Let me know, what are YOU doing this evening? I’ll be trick or treating with my littles and stealing candy from them.

I’m also going to be dressing up for Halloween, too, because it’s a great excuse to wear a costume.


In case you missed the live broadcast costume party on Monday with K.M. Robinson, Amber R. Duell, Sarah K.L. Wilson, and J.M. Sullivan, here is a recap! YEP…I’m Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas.

htcover1Since we’re on the topic of Halloween—Blood From A Stone Twisted Villains Anthology is out, and it’s only .99 in ebook format and is available in paperback. It’s sitting at #4 right now which ahhh… it’s so exciting! My Three Little Pigs & Big Bad Wolf retelling Hunter’s Truce is inside of it.

You can find some >>>MORE INFO<<< here.

But….Maybe you were wondering what the big bad wolf would dress up as for Halloween? Or a few other characters of mine?

Read on to find out.

Niklaus von Brandt is my Big Bad Wolf from Hunter’s Truce, he’s mouthy, doesn’t take much too seriously, and he has a hard time feeling things. Life hasn’t been easy for him, but he’s a roll with the punches kind of guy. Working at a butcher shop isn’t ideal but there isn’t much to choose from in the village of Walddorf. So when another opportunity knocks…and he has the chance to make a difference he leaps on it… and winds up as an assassin.

So what would he dress up as?


Deadpool. Plain and simple… Nik isn’t as mouthy as Wade, but I think to sum up Nik’s personality it’d be a mix of Wade and Dexter. Family means everything to Nik because in the end that is all you have.


Liesel von Brandt is the younger sister to Nik… and she’s a playful little sprite. She’s often a voice of reason, wise beyond her years and knows how to work her brother. Even though her brother and stepfather have kept a great many things hidden from her she isn’t naive. So I don’t think she’d have a sweet costume… She’s a tough cookie, too, and would be more along the lines of…


A shield maiden. Liesel would totally get a kick out of it, and she’d love to rock the hairstyle, too!


Princess Stasya is one of the three little pigs who happens to be the heir to the throne of Abendrot. She has a secret or two and it is guarded well. While Stasya is graceful she definitely has an underlying edge to her and really has no issues with staring down a threat. Ultimately, she’s kind-hearted and truly does care for the people—she wants to make a difference and does not all agree with her father for numerous reasons.

Stasya would definitely dress up as a powerful female… one who took fate into her own hands… So, she would be none other than….


Katniss Everdeen. If push ever came to shove you can bet Stasya would be fighting on the ground.


In a mermaid anthology far far away… there were other characters of mine.

Okay, but seriously! Earlier this year Of The Deep was released and it has not one but two of my short stories inside—Brotherhood as well as Bindings of the Sea.

You can find >>MORE INFO<< about the anthology here.



Zinnia is my sea-witch mermaid in Bindings of the Sea… she is a student at an elite mer academy and is about to partake in a Trial to test her abilities. She knows her mind and while her confidence may falter at times she always rises to the occasion. I believe Zinnia would go as a Priestess. Someone with authority but doesn’t rule over the people. She enjoys teaching and helping others.

Dru is Zinnia’s bestie and also a student at the academy. He’s a rulebreaker, an oddball and highly supportive of Zinnia. He doesn’t care about what society thinks and doesn’t believe they should dictate everyone’s fate. That being said he’d totally dress up as Tony from West Side Story.

Ruari is a potential love interest for Zinnia, and he is also the youngest Prince of Selith. He is charming, intelligent and quick thinking. He has no problem facing off with his older brother and challenging him. He is considered the voice of the sea for more than just his singing voice. Politics…Royalty…Sound mind….Maybe you don’t catch my drift…He’d be the Black Panther!

Jager would like nothing more than to skip out on Halloween because in his opinion it’s a foolish event, but nobody asked him and I’m volunteering him to dress up. Jager has gone and does go through a lot in my stories, he’s always there when things get rough and grumpiness aside he’s actually a great merman and sea witch. Which is why I choose Severus Snape for him.

Kriegen is the older brother of Jager, and he’s got a little bit more of a personality than him. He’s the star pupil of the coven, bright, bubbly and playful. The sea is his oyster! I wouldn’t be surprised if he dressed up as the god Apollo…which is interesting considering how Kriegen’s story goes… 😀


Hope everyone has a fantastic day,

Happy Reading!



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