A Little Christmas Gift + Extra Goodies!

Christmas is just around the corner…and I didn’t forget. I have a few gifts for you.

Not one, but two gifts.

In case you missed the opportunity to grab Veiled Allurement>>SNAG IT<< because…

I have a Christmas bonus for you, and you will want to read the novella before this! It spoils everything…but hey…if you’re into that you can >>GRAB CHRISTMAS BONUS<

Veiled Allurement is a Cinderella retelling with a goddess spin on it. What if Cinderella was the goddess of light, and her wicked sisters threw her from the heavens?



I also want to share with you the opportunity to join my street team, Elle’s Belles on Facebook. I’m currently sharing amazing news in the group and I’m so excited! It’s also the best way to chat with me more easily. If you’re interested, learn more >>HERE<<


Besides that vague bit of news…HA, not sorry! Monday was the last episode of Young Adult Edition in 2019. We will see you all in the New Year AND on all of our new platforms!



YouTube Channel

A new decade….and we will be in the 20s…I foresee a flapper party!

Some dear friends also had releases this week! Eek! How exciting? Both happen to be amazing retellings.












Find out more about Captive >>HERE<>

Find out more about Lost Boy >>HERE<<



Until next time, Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!



One thought on “A Little Christmas Gift + Extra Goodies!

  1. Thank you very much for the gift ! Good thing I’ve already read Veiled Allurement , no spoiler for me. Merry Christmas and happy writing.

    Joyce 🦋



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