Release Day + Updates

Happy Release Day, Secrets of Galathea!


What is Secrets of Galathea you may ask…

Inside this magical collection is a four-part series. If you’re new around here, you may not be familiar with Brotherhood, Bindings, Voice or King. But those are the four parts to the Secrets of Galathea series, and this collection is the “box-set.”

Here is a little more information:

Selith is a merfolk kingdom, founded by magic, and bound by treaties from human and mer alike. But when a treaty is broken it propels the kingdom in a different direction—even centuries later. Now, the younger generation of merfolk and royalty must fight for their kingdom and their lives.

Do you love mermaids? Have you read any mermaid stories you’ve absolutely adored? Share them below in the comments.


You can find the collection >>HERE<< or you can see if the series is for you by starting with >>BROTHERHOOD<<

Side note: you can watch the unboxing of Secrets of Galathea by >>DIVING IN HERE<<

I’ve been hard at work writing these past few weeks. Although I don’t have concrete dates to give you, I can let you in on something… I’m currently working on a project with my author friend Christis Christie, and if you follow me on Instagram [@ellebeaumontbooks] then you know it involves DRAGONS!

First and foremost, my priority this year is completing The Hunter series. The third installment is coming out March 3rd and I’m tentatively aiming for a May release for the fourth and final. I’ll let ya guys know!

P.S. are you a member of my exclusive group on Facebook? I’ve been dropping some amazing Behind the Scenes info there!

0dcea2de190a3267f01504dfb7aebc9d32a0e7ccRecently, someone sent in some fan art of Dru, from the Secrets of Galathea series. How gorgeous is it? I love seeing my characters in the eyes of the reader. This is perfection!

Art by Lyvon

Do you have any fanart you’d like to submit? e-mail it to me at



Well, that’s all folks!

Until next time, Happy Reading!



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