A mertastic giveaway!

I’m happy to announce that fellow author Lou Wilham and I are holding giveaways! We are giving away the same items, but you have TWO chances to win.

So what is this giveaway about?

It’s a celebration of our mermaid stories! So you can bet the entire package is MERMAZING!

Here is what our two winners will receive:

1 signed copy of Tales of a Sea Witch by Lou Wilham

1 signed copy of Secrets of Galathea by Elle Beaumont

4 magnetic bookmarks by LitNerd

1 pack of mermaid candies

1 mermaid kisses lip balm

1 mermaid lagoon wax melt pack



Here are the rules:

  1. Must be in the US. Sorry! I’ll be holding an international giveaway soon.
  2. Must remain following the accounts for 24+ hours. No private or giveaway accounts.
  3. Enter the information that is asked of you.
  4. Giveaway will run until March 9th 12:00am EST and the winner will be announced 1-2 days after.


How to enter:



Be sure to hop over to Lou Wilham’s Instagram for more information about her giveaway, too!


Good luck!




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