Content + Ratings !

Holy Pages!

It’s been such a long time since I’ve made a blog post, but here we are with a much needed update.

2020 was a rough year and 2021 has been no better for some, me included. But through the trials of the past two years, I’ve noticed a gradual shift in my writing and what the muse insists I write.

I’ll be honest here. I didn’t start out as a YA writer. In fact, as a reader, I didn’t discover YA until my mid-twenties and what I wrote was almost always adult fantasy. But when I published it was understood that I’d need to tame down my writing and make it more age appropriate for the YA crowd. So I did and toed the line of New Adult, but always wanted to explore darker themes that wasn’t entirely appropriate for even upper YA. Sure, adults read the genre but it’s intended for 14-19 years olds. I enjoy moral ambiguity in writing (not so much in person) and I enjoy hard topics that just don’t belong in YA, in my opinion.

With 2020 came a lot of heartbreak for most people I know. A lot of publishing houses crumbled and friendships too. However, I founded Midnight Tide Publishing with an amazing core group of authors which publishes Fantasy & Sci-Fi from YA to Adult. With the freedom to take advantage of my access to NA and Adult readers, I hurled myself into co-writing The Dragon’s Bride with Christis Christie. It was such an amazing relief to write what truly gave me joy that I really have only written mostly NA titles since beginning MTP.

Although I’m not completely done with YA, as you’ll see some titles release under that genre still, I’m largely focusing on NA and Adult from this point forward. You’ll also see some previously released titles become aged up in the near future, this is because they were originally intended to be NA+ and were simply aged down. This doesn’t settle well with me and saddens me to see them as a mere shadow of what they should’ve been.

This being said, not everything I release under the NA spectrum will have a steam factor that could cook broccoli in 2 seconds. Like I said above, some are just heavier topics with older characters. You may be wondering though…

How do I know how steamy it is?

A wonderful group of authors came up with a rating system called the RCRS (Romantic Content Rating System) It plainly describes the sort of romantic content you can find within the book. I’ll kindly place these ratings along with the book information on retail sites and on social media!

For example, The Dragon’s Bride is a 5 and The Castle of Thorns is a 2.

I hope the system helps you and I hope you continue to follow me on my writing journey as I grow and expand.

Happy reading!



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