Royal’s Vow Releases!

Surviving The Big Bad Wolf enlightened her, but The Hawk might not be so easy.

I recently celebrated the release of Royal’s Vow—Tuesday, March 26th to be exact! But there was a delay in receiving my paperback, boohoo! Today I happened to unbox my copy and gosh! It is so beautiful.

What do you think? Aside from me stumbling over my words, of course! 😉 Words are hard, friends, words are hard.

Tell me, what is your favorite Grimm Fairytale? I maaay just give a copy of Royal’s Vow to one lucky winner in the comments! 🙂


You can find Hunter’s Truce for FREE on all platforms >>HERE<<

And you can find a copy of Royal’s Vow >>HERE<<


Happy Reading,



2 thoughts on “Royal’s Vow Releases!

  1. I received my copy of Royal’s Vow on its release date. Have not had a chance to read either yet but now I will have them back to back to read. Yea! A nice smooth flow with no wait!
    I’m a newbie to fantasy but have enjoyed Elle Beaumont reads .
    If you haven’t tried her , give her a whirl. You won’t be disappointed.
    Loved the video for Royal’s Vow, both book covers are awesome. I won’t get to see them while reading though, use a Kindle .
    Our lovely author did a wonderful presentation of her new book and it’s mate.
    Happy reading, y’all. I know I’ll enjoy!


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